How to grocery shop and save money (Part 1) by guest writer Madison Pettite from Learning Spot Daycare

Feeding a family can be stressful. Between picky eaters and busy schedules, it’s hard to make the time to eat healthy and create a budget friendly meal plan. While eating out can be easier at times, it definitely isn’t nice to my wallet and although I do occasionally enjoy being catered to, I much prefer to spend my money wisely. I have found a few tips and tricks to saving money on food which have helped our family tremendously.

My family used to easily spend $500 to $700 per month on groceries. With children demanding snacks at every hour, and picky eaters who make me cook three seperate dinners, we’d spend a ridiculous amount of money on food without even realizing it. After implementing a few small changes to our routine, our family food budget for a month is right around $300 for a family of five.

The thing that has turned our family’s grocery bill around the most is meal planning. Although it sounds simple, this usually takes a good portion of a day for me and takes a lot of thought and planning. I usually make a meal plan for 2 weeks and I plan every meal for all household members. While I may not know exactly what my children will be eating for breakfast every morning, planning a general meal plan for breakfast and lunch makes the shopping list more streamlined.

I like to try new recipes and I use a couple different websites and phone apps to find recipes to include into my meal plan. If I think that we will be craving sweets or want a special dessert, I plan it so there’s no spontaneous grocery trip runs for sweets. I also plan in 1-2 “leftover nights” where I don’t cook and we eat whatever is left over from other meals. Once the meal plan is complete, I then look over all the needed ingredients and create a shopping list. To this shopping list I add general food needs like snacks, fruit, milk, etc. I have cut my children down to one snack a day which has drastically cut down our food budget (as well as creating healthier habits for them!)

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One of the ways to avoid bankruptcy is to get some help before its too late.

Fear can be so paralyzing that it stops us from getting the help that we need. I believe this is one reason why many people are left with only the option of filing bankruptcy.